Fox Superflow Sealed by Stan's - Rd 5 Greenvalleys

Race the Fox Superflow sealed by Stan's in 2018 - each race is a standalone event and you can collect points for the series ranking! We'll kick it off at Stromlo Forest Park - launching the Fox Superflow with one of the most popular race tracks and destinations in .... like ever! Check out the website for all series venues and dates:

18-Feb: Stromlo Forest Park boom
7-Apr: Thredbo alpine goodness
1-Jul: Ourimbah/Wyong classic
5-Aug: Jolly Nose/Port Macquarie new
2-Sept: Canberra for the Champs waitforitohyeah*
29+30 Sept: 2-day Greenvalley's Bonanza this will blow your socks off
10-Nov... and one final event, that is so hot, we can't even talk about it...yet! :-)

Why Superflow?
Because the race tracks are picked by the Rocky Trail crew so that they give the riders that "super flowy" feeling! Each timed section demands different skill sets of the riders - from tricky sections around rocks and tight corners to flowy berms and quick stints that needed pedal power and endurance.

Almost all events require riders to ride to the starts on their bikes and it that way the series offers a big variety of trails. All our trails can be as tough as you want them to be - there are always different line choices and generally, the faster and the harder you go, the more challenging they get. We specifically pick our venues to meet those requirements.

No start order, no worries
They are unique Australia-wide in that we can offer an awesome day out to a wide range of riders - from elite to amateur racers to families, couples and groups of friends riding together. We have introduced a very flexible timing system so our events don't require any start orders and riders can pick the sequence in which to complete the timed race stages themselves. That way, riders of different categories can spend all day riding and racing together.