Kathryn Lockwood Crushes XTERRA Laguna Beach

On October 8th, Kathryn Lockwood celebrated the end of a great 2017 XTERRA season with a win at XTERRA Laguna Beach. And because this race is technically part of the 2018 XTERRA season, Lockwood doesn’t seem to be slowing her roll.

“My training has been going great,” said Lockwood, who won the overall women’s race as well as the 40-44 age group. “The key has been getting faster on the mountain bike. I started mountain biking in 2014 and was terrible and so scared going down hills, but I kept working at it. This past year, what really sparked improvement was training with XTERRA studdettes, Laura Morris and Diana Greenwood.”

This year, Lockwood won her age group at XTERRA Renegade, won the overall women’s race at XTERRA Deuce’s Wild, and placed third in her age group at the XTERRA Pan Am Championship in Ogden, Utah in September behind XTERRA diehards, Deanna McCurdy and Jennifer Razee.

This would be an incredible year for anyone, but the fact that Lockwood began the year with a double hernia surgery makes her accomplishments even more impressive.

“In February I had double hernia surgery and couldn’t bike or run for six weeks, and then had to slowly build back in to it,” said Lockwood.  “It’s probably good that I got a late start this year because I tend to overtrain.”

At XTERRA Laguna Beach, Lockwood finished the 1500M swim, 25K bike, and 10K run in 2:46:49, about 11 minutes in front of runner up, Heather Wilson, who crossed the line in 2:57:21. Taylor Grauer was third in 3:02:01.

In the men’s race, Evan Pardi of Yachats, Oregon was the XTERRA Laguna Beach Champ with a time of 2:22:27. Runner up Andrew Dixon had a time of 2:29:52, and Frederic Tete was third in 2:30:24.

“XTERRA Laguna Beach is a very tough course with lots of hills on the bike and run and an ocean swim, and this year the swim was terrifying – I think we had six to eight foot waves,” said Lockwood. “Luckily Diana Greenwood invited me out for a swim the day before the race and talked me through some ocean tactics – she is quite the water woman.”

Greenwood won her 55-59 division in 3:09:41. Laura Morris was also at XTERRA Laguna Beach and was the 45-49 age group champ, finishing in 3:04:09.

“The women’s 40-44 age group is very competitive,” said Lockwood, who was 38 when she did her first XTERRA off-road triathlon. “When I turned 40, I remember thinking that I was going to be at the top, but then finished fifth at the XTERRA Pan Am Championship and seventh at the XTERRA World Championship last year.”

Even though the competition may be tougher, Lockwood would  like to see more women racing in XTERRA. She met fellow competitor Laura Morris on the podium at last year’s XTERRA Laguna Beach and asked if she could train with her. 

“My husband and I try to talk people into coming to the XTERRA races locally,” Morris added. “I would advise anyone new to XTERRA – young or old – to train with people who are experienced, it really helps.”


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