Snowies MTB Festival One Day Entry Special Survival Guide

If you're ready to snag a half price entry for Snowies MTB 2024 Stage Race, here's a a few tips to keep you on track and ready for opening day.

1 Make the decision&. YES! I am seriously doing this.  After all, Ive always been a hardcore MTB rider at heart even if my body hasnt discovered this yet.

2 Ask yourself& Is racing also about the beer? If the answer is yes, consider grabbing 4 or more mates and join the Great Teammate Crate Race.

3 Contact your mates or anyone who should be on the start line with you&. Tell them to set their alarms for entry opening day. After all, why should it be just you who has all the fun?.... pain?....

4 Choose a course& Brumby or Wild Brumby?&.

Brumby.. slightly less training, fun riding, more post-race celebration time?

Wild Brumby& more training required& BUT the riding is epic& and the beers always taste that much better after a big day on the trails& AND& with seven months of training & oooh& it might just be possible =

5 Now, how will I keep my training on track? Catch up with legends Ben and Jacqui Allen? YES!

6 Now, time to revisit my calendar for the next 7 months&. Maybe a few more rides?

7 Am I a member of AusCycling?.... I think I have my memberships licence here&. YES! That means more $ for essential coffee!!!

8 Which Bike?... Hardtail?& Suspension?... Time to read the faqs to decide! This could be just the reason (read excuse) for a new bike& oh the excitement is building.

9 What Equipment will I need?.... Should have most of it but better check out the equipment list just in case?

10 Where will I stay? Oooh, waking up at the heart of the action at Lake Crackenback Resort & Spa, rolling out of bed, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and then just jumping on the bike to enjoy the ride& Yes, Yes, thats the way to do a MTB Stage Race!  We could all book a house together!... Wheres Lake Crackenback Resorts phone number?

11 Set alarm&. 9:55am AEST Thursday 6 July. Whats AEST?... Do I live in this time zone?.. Better Check& Dont want to miss out on the entry saving!

12 Its Entry Day minus 0& its here& Coffee brewing&CHECK, Internet connected& CHECK, Do Not Disturb set& CHECK, Credit Card handy& CHECK, browser refreshed& CHECK.  Bring on 10am!

13 10am&. Enter Now!

14 Yes! Entry Done& Time to check in with my teammates.

15 Yes! Theyre entered!  Whats out team name?...  %$#@?...  I dont think we can call our team that, better review and send an email to join the Teammate Crate Race.

16 Now, time to let everyone know were on our way! Facebook post done! Snowy Mountains Here we Come!

17 Time for a celebration tipple&.. Oh why not&. training starts tomorrow!


Snowies MTB Festival One Day Entry Special | Thursday 6 July 2023 | 10am to 8pm AEST | Save 50% Off the Full Price Stage Race Entry

All entries for the Snowies MTB Festival Stage Race received between 10am and 8pm AEST will save 50% off the full price entry.

The one day special includes the Wild Brumby Stage Race (solo and team) and the Brumby Stage Race (solo and team).  Entries for the Weekend Rider and Day Rider will open on the 7th of July at the Super Early Bird Entry price.

One Day Entry Special - Important Information

  • Save the Date! This is for one day only!
  • Entry Opening and Closure: Special one day entries will open at *10am AESTand will remain open until 8pm AEST on Thursday 6th
  • Other Time Zones Outside AEST: Those who live in a state outside of Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), please adjust the opening time for your time zone.

For more information please visit:

  • Snowies MTB Festival
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