About Us

Welcome to AdventureRace.com.au, a free adventure sports calendar for off road adventures in Australia.

For a long time the people behind this site have struggled with the disparate sources of off road event information, often spending hours trawling the net to find events. The solution: build a website that lists all these races in the one location. So while AdventureRace.com.au will still be searching the web for events, you won’t have to as every off road event we find will be listed here along with links to the promoter’s site.

Our vision is to be Australia’s most comprehensive source of off road event information so that you can find and plan your next adventure. If you have found something that AdventureRace.com.au has missed please send through the details so they can be added.

AdventureRace.com.au aims to help grow off road sports by making them more accessible to more people by providing the information required to successfully compete in any event at any level. Initially AdventureRace.com.au will provide a directory of adventure training providers to supplement the event listing.

AdventureRace.com.au allows you to login and tag your favourite events. These can then be displayed in a unique calendar view that will assist in planning for those events. An email reminder option will ensure that you haven’t forgotten to enter or find some team mates.

Any feedback about the site is most welcome.

Good luck planning your next adventure.

AdventureRace.com.au Team