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Adventure Racing events

MT Taylor Moutain Bike (Part of Adventurethon East Gippsland Stage Race)
If you are looking for a challenging, yet visually spectacular mountain bike course, this one is for you. With kilometres of well-built single-track winding its way around Mt Taylor, sections of really unique riding, along with some exciting sections of Flow trail, All-Mountain And XC there is a great mix of riding to excite Intermediate to advanced riders as well as B Options for Beginners. Skilled riders will find they a... [ More ]

MultiSport events

Adventurethon East Gippsland Stage Event
ADVENTURETHONDEMOLISH East Gippsland We are unleashing the Adventurethon Stage race format in the East Gippsland Region of Victoria. Adventurethon Stage races allow amazing course designs taking in the highlights of the region via Trail Running, Mountain Biking & Paddling and not being bound by needing to start and finishing in one central location. An Adventurethon Stage Race is ideal over 3-4 different locations and the Gi... [ More ]

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Paddle East Gippsland (Part of Adventurethon East Gippsland Stage Race)
March 30th PM: There were so many options for paddles amongst the East Gippsland region and with the event being in March we decided to go with a body of water we know will have sufficient levels in March and the perfect stretch of water is on the Mitchell River near the Town of Bairnsdale which is also really close to the other stages of the race weekend. The meandering section of the Mitchell river is scenic and has slo... [ More ]

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Trail Running events

East Gippsland Adventure Run (Part of Adventurethon East Gippsland Stage Race)
31 MARCH SUN AM: Completely escape the “same-same” of regular road running and become absorbed in the adventure experience as you run along the edge of the Mitchell River, through tracks, water crossings, rock scrambles and so much more. SPECIAL ELEMENT OF AN ABSEIL Our short course turns and crosses the River early and allows a safe crossing amongst the pools, with the gentle sound of rapids. The long course continues furt... [ More ]