Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon
Lake Kaniere, South Island, New Zealand

The Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon has been running for 29 years. It was mooted by a small group of sports people who were looking for a different challenge, the triathlon has been held every year since.

The Triathlon is a great starter for those athletes wishing to do longer multisports races such as the Coast to Coast or can be punishing for those who are determined to go for a placing.

To top it all off the Kaniere Triathlon is held in one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand.

Triathlon: Run 11km, Kayak 7km, Cycle 20km
Swim Tri: Swim 630m, Run 10km, Cycle 20km
Duathlon: Run 10km, Cycle 20km
Scenic Walk: Walk 10km