Australasian Rogaining Championships

The 2018 Australasian Championships will be held on 25-26 August 2018 in prime rogaining country about 2.5 hours’ drive NW of Brisbane. The event will be held in the vicinity of the Manumbar locality, in the Gympie region.

We’ve decided to name the event the ‘Sun SEQer Rogaine’ – to encourage those of you from more southerly latitudes to escape the misery of your rainy winters and come on north to join us in the sunshine!

The event is being hosted by the Queensland Rogaine Association. The organising team has considerable experience in setting high quality rogaines, and we’re looking forward to setting a challenging course in a beautiful part of South East Queensland. The event is being run entirely by volunteers, and we will need lots of helpers so please get in touch if you are keen to assist.

The Australasian Champs are a 24 hour event, starting at midday on Saturday. The challenge is to visit as many checkpoints as possible in the 24 hours. However your team can always come back to the event centre (Hash House) for a sleep or food before heading out again. Catering is included in your entry fee.

The 2018 Intervarsity Rogaining Championships will be held in conjunction with the Australasian Championships, so if you are a university student please check out this information.

Entries will open on 1 March 2018. There will also be the opportunity to order merchandise and bus tickets to and from the event.

Teams and Categories

Teams must have between 2 and 5 members
Under 23 = all aged under 23
Open = all teams
Veteran = all aged 40 or over
Supervet = all aged 55 or over
Ultravet = all aged 65 or over
Intervarsity Team = 2-5 students from the same university (also eligible in the ARC categories)