Adventurethon Kalbarri

Kalbarri, WA, Western Australia, Australia

2nd & 3rd June 2018 will see Adventurethon Demolish in Kalbarri. This is a new format allowing each race to be a stand alone event, giving opportunities for more winners! Adventurethon Demolish is a 4 stage event; trail run, mountain bike, paddle and then an 8km cliff top trail run! Demolish can be entered in different distances; ultra, enduro, taste or junior. This event is no to be missed!

Saturday 2nd June

07:30am Stage 1: Kalbarri Gorge Adventure Run

01:45am Stage 2: Murchison House Station Ride

Sunday 3rd June

07:00am Stage 3: Murchison Dash Padde

02:00pm Stage 4: Bigurda Bash 8km Cliff Top Trail Run