Eagle and Child

+61 423 729 949
John Forrest National Park, Western Australia, Australia

Eagle and Child (Long Course): 22km Trail Half Marathon
Eaglet and Bub (Short Course): 10km

The two courses share parts of the Eagleview trail, however, they're both very different experiences. Each contain nice, wide fire trail as well as awesome single track. And they are both loops that see you starting and finishing in the same location.

For those of you who ran the 10km course last year, it's changed. No longer do you meet Mt Doom. Instead it's become Mt Zoom! The Half Marathon, has remained the same.

Both courses will be well flagged, with tape approximately every 300 metres. It will be marshalled at a few key intersections. We always do our best to keep you on course, but it is your responsibility to listen attentively at your race briefing and keep aware of the flagging and other signage whilst on course.