Freycinet Challenge

Kayak, run, mountain bike and road bike around Freycinets craggy and dramatic mountains, sea cliffs, forests, tracks, abundant wildlife, striking blue-green sea, and one of the worlds best beaches - Wineglass Bay.

The Freycinet Lodge Challenge is one of the few multi-sport challenges where competitors and crew are often distracted by the view - especially during race briefings, starts and finishes at the Freycinet Lodge. Nestled beneath the dramatic granite peaks of the Hazards, with sweeping vistas across Coles Bay and Richardsons Beach, Freycinet Lodge is the perfect location to rest up after the race.

Day 1:

Stage 1 - 16km Trail Run

Stage 2 - 10km Kayak

Stage 3 - 40km Road Bike

Stage 4 - 20km MTB

Day 2:

Stage 5 - 10km Kayak

Stage 6 - 40km Road Bike

Stage 7 - 20km MTB

Stage 8 - 9.5km Trail Run