12 Hours in The Piney

UNE 12 Hours in the Piney Update


That’s what we at NEMTB thought too!

Then we did a little research and it turns out that the ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is very real and is, essentially, the answer to many of life’s quandaries – such as why John Farnham has just completed his 17th farewell tour, why your dog can spell ‘walk’ and why people thought grip shift was a good idea. What with ‘date’ getting all the attention, little sibling ‘time’ was diagnosed with a bout of FOMO.

Treatment? Let’s fine tune that too!

We start at 10am (as usual) but last rider leaves transition at 8pm.


Its warmer, its lighter and we wanted more time to socialise after the race.

Some saying walking the 18th at Augusta is a dream, others yearn the steep and deep of Chamonix fresh powder, others think putting on a pair of undies straight out of the drier is the purest of joy. We’d argue that fanging around the Piney on a late spring afternoon with a bunch of your mates rates as the most organic and wholesome type of fun. The knowledge that there’s an ice-filled esky at your site, a plethora of food and beverage choice at race hq, hot showers, more prizes ‘n you can shake at and so, so much sweet single track for all levels of rider (we’ve got the A, B and C lines covered)

Surprises? we’ve got more of them coming up than a late night Trump tweet.

Besides all this, we know that you’ve got your own little secret safely squirreled away in your gear bag don’t you - your complimentary cycling race socks are still in their package aren’t they!

Stay tuned, get your riding buddies firing, stretch up and hang on because the 2018 UNE 12(10) Hours in the Piney is comin at ya!