Lark Hill Dusk to Dawn 50 & 100km Ultra
Port Kennedy, Western Australia, Australia

Held annually on the W.A. Labour Day weekend in March, the 50km and 100km events start at dusk (7pm) on Saturday, with a childrens event (45min) at 6pm. For both events, entrants will be given an official cut-off so long as they start their last lap by no later than 8am on Sunday morning (13h).

Where: Adjacent to the Lark Hill Sportsplex (east of the Lark Hill playing fields), Port Kennedy, WA

Course information:

25km (8 laps), 50km (17 laps) and 100km (34 laps) GPS measured trail races on a ~3k limestone loop course.

The course consists of mostly compact-limestone, with ~200m of soft sand on each loop. There are some minor undulations, with a short climb into the start/finish point.

The race director will lead the first lap, so there’s no change of getting lost.

The children’s event will be help be over an ~800m loop for 45 minutes.