Fox Superflow sealed by Stan's - Championships

No start order, no worries!

The Fox Superflow is the series that has been taking our Rocky Trail gravity community by storm - ideal for those who are keen to take on an endurance challenge of a different kind! At these events riders of all ages and many different XC or gravity backgrounds race on 'super-flowy' singletrails for fun or are hunting down those seconds for the win.

How it works - within a set timing window you complete a set of timed race stages, which are predominantly downhill - the faster you go, the more challenging it gets! No big jumps or drop-offs though and you ride to the starts un-timed - at your pace! Spend all day together, whatever category you're in - perfect for families, groups of mates and couples of different ages and riding preferences! Who's going to clock in the fastest time?

Each race in the series is a standalone event and you can collect points for the series ranking - check out the event website for all dates and venues. This is the Championship event at one of the newest Fox Superflow venues - the new Jolly Nose MTB Park in Port Macquarie. The local club is all about enduro racing and the inaugural Fox Superflow race there in 2018 received enthusiastic feedback from our racers. We can't wait to come back with the Championship event - make it a long weekend with the fambam and stay in the nearby holiday resorts!