Paddle East Gippsland (Part of Adventurethon East Gippsland Stage Race)

Mitchell River Meander, Victoria, Australia

March 30th PM:
There were so many options for paddles amongst the East Gippsland region and with the event being in March we decided to go with a body of water we know will have sufficient levels in March and the perfect stretch of water is on the Mitchell River near the Town of Bairnsdale which is also really close to the other stages of the race weekend.

The meandering section of the Mitchell river is scenic and has slowly scratched its way through the landscape with some sections of dense vegetation in sections you will not believe you are so close to the town of Bairnsdale at times.

The Paddle will be suitable for any type of paddle craft, ocean ski, K1, Outrigger, SUP whatever is paddle powered will work and any rudder style will work well.

We recommend you get over to East Gippsland all through the year and at certain times there are some amazing rapids on the Mitchell River at your disposal as well as some Amazing lakes in the region you can explore.