Mongrel Classic MTB Event

Richmond Vale, New South Wales, Australia

Feeling a bit single track minded! This great new MTB event has been designed by single track fans...for single track fans.The event will be the collaboration of some blokes that love riding and some blokes that love running events. This combined with some generous land owners, a progressive local Council and you have an event, that will be 'classic' from the start! All courses are subject to final approvals.

The Full - 60km:
This course was designed by passionate MTB riders who love their area. Every section is lovingly named and each corner has a tail to tell. There are plenty of turns, drops, climbs and jumps. The FULL is not for the faint hearted and will test you all the way to the finish.

The Half 40km:
The HALF is....well how do we say...apprx half as long as the full! There is still plenty of fun to be had, but you get hone at a reasonable time!!

The Pony 12km:
This event will include plenty of action in the Pit Pony Paddock and adjoining grounds. It is designed to allow less experienced rider the opportunity to do some great single track riding close to the venue. With the trail lovingly prepared, you will not be disappointed.