Cotton Wool Classic

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Linga Longa MTB Park, Western Australia, Australia

A new and unique race event for Western Australia at Linga Longa Bike Park, Cotton Wool Classic is a points based race comprising of up to four stages.

  1. Lap based cross country race. Starting at the summit of Linga Longa Bike Park, a lap based cross country style race will incorporate the upper sections of our trail network.

  2. Cotton Wool Society timed descent, 46 turns to navigate over a 3km descent.

  3. Cotton Wool Society timed ascent, who will be crowned King and Queen of the Mountain? An individual timed race up Cotton Wool Society a 3km climb with 200m vertical.

  4. Little Miss Enduro timed descent. A fresh addition to our trail network sure to test the endurance of the best!



  1. Masters: 45yrs + Male and Female includes those turning 45 this year.

  2. Open: Male and Female. 4 Cross Country Laps, CWS Descent, Descent, LME descent.

  3. Under 19's: Male and Female. 2 Cross Country Laps, CWS Descent, Ascent, LME descent.

  4. Under 15's: Male and Female. 1 Cross Country Lap, Little Miss Enduro Descent.

  5. E Bikes: E-Bikes are most welcome to participate.