PTS Summer Series 4 - Swissmurdie

+61 423 729 949
Lesmurdie Falls National Park, Western Australia, Australia

Short Course: 9.3 km +/- 360 mtrs

Long Course: 15.3 km +/- 690 mtrs

7km "Yoda-ley-hee-woo-hooooooo" (some hills)

The last race of the series gives you one more opportunity for scenic views. This course lets you enjoy many single track sections, interspersed with some wide tracks to allow easy passing opportunities. A short climb from the start will separate the group well before the single track sections start. After a second and steeper climb (with requisite false summits), you will enjoy some undulating track before descending to the single track. This section has both rocks and roots, so you can unleash your inner steinbock (that's alpine ibex for the non-Swiss). At about 4.5km, the long and short courses diverge, so the long runners can go have more fun and see some different pretty valleys. This adds a nice, healthy 7km for long course runners. Then they return to the point where they diverged and carry on with the same course as the shorter distance runners.

After another short single track section, it's back to the wider tracks before another short, steep descent over what will surely be a dry brook. Continue on past Lesmurdie Falls, where you can work your imagination, picturing how amazing they will look with water cascading down five months from now.