PTS Summer Series 5 - Bloated Goat

+61 423 729 949
Wungong Regional Park, Western Australia, Australia

Welcome to Bloated Goat! This poor little goat started gorging on the gorge and tore off a bit more than he could chew! Be prepared, and don't let this happen to you!

Bloated Goat: 30km +/-1600m

Little Fat Lamb: 20km: +/-1000m

Bleating Kid: 12km+/-650m

These hills will surprise you! It may shock some, and delight others! Either way, you won't forget it! You may even feel like that goat! Chewing up the elevation! For the rest of you, keep on going, there's more climbing to do!

Courses will be well flagged - and marshalled at a few key intersections. We will do our best to keep you on course, but it is your responsibility to keep aware of the flagging.

We've also added a BRAND NEW distance called the Bleating Kid! You'll pick this option, if you're not quite a Little Fat Lamb, and you'll pick Little Fat Lamb if you're not yet up to meet the Bloated Goat!