Shimano MTB GP Race 1 | Orange NSW

Race solo or in teams for 4 or 7 hours and line up with Australia’s elites and experienced endurance racers – we’ll put you to the test! Each event is a stand-alone race and you can collect series points too – this is classic cross-country lap racing at its best!

The season opener will be at one of the regional trail networks on the calendar for 2020: For the first time Rocky Trail heads to Orange and we will be racing at Kinross State Forest with thanks to the local Orange MTB Club. This will be most likely be your last chance to race on these infamous mountain bike trails, before the scheduled logging activity by NSW State Forests, so come and enjoy the lush pine forest trails.

The Kinross mountain bike trail network is located just 5 minutes out of town and they are pure flowy trail goodness with that distinct fresh pine forest smell. We’ll be sure to use every bit of terrain on offer and will showcase the amazing mix of pine forest and native vegetation that surrounds the event centre.

**New Series Points Score in 2020: **
Rather than gaining points in a team you will get them against your name in the category you are racing in. This means that if you swap teams, which is likely to happen with such a big lineup of events, you will not loose your hard earned points but keep accumulating them.
For more information about the whole series, click here.

The Shimano MTB GP series may just be the most inclusive series in Australia! From the first time between the tape to people that have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at the Rocky Trail start line!