Fox Superflow, sealed by Stans Race 1 | Awaba NSW

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak all Rocky Trail events have been postponed until further notice. Please head to our website for more information and sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates.
We will get through this if we all work together and do our bit - we will welcome you again at a startline in the future. It will be a big moment when we do. Thank you.

Get pumped, get frothing, get excited and get training.
Get EWS points at the Fox Superflow at Awaba in 2020!

You can get EWS qualifier points in our first Fox Superflow race at Awaba MTB Park on 5 April 2020! – This is going to be huge! We are going to be the building ground for future EWS racers in Australia. Can. Not. Wait. Spread the word so everyone knows to train and get some points on deck!

Awaba MTB Park is one of the most popular trail networks just outside of Newcastle with a very active downhill and gravity club base. This event will feature the brand-new flow trails!

Fox Superflow = Race the way you ride:
FULL Saturday practice.
Race day Sunday.
Fastest run counts.

The superflow races have been evolving and for 2020 this means:

As bikes become hugely more capable, riders become more skilled and options become more open, we can now have it all. More lines for riders that are confident, B lines for those who are working up to it.

At the Superflows you have to pedal up, but the timed downs will have way more fun options. Plus the uphills are un-timed and there are no strict cut-offs or start orders. Thanks to a state-of-the-art timing system that Rocky Trail has customised specifically for their superflow races, so that you can ride and race with mates or the junior shredders all day - ride to the top together and then do your race runs after each other - meet at the bottom and go again!

You can race the timed stages in any order and up to 5 times. Each. The fastest time on each counts. For more event and series information, click here.

For the Awaba EWS Qualifier a fourth race stage which will be a very technical track for which you will need a full face helmet. This track needs to be raced in addition to the 3 Superflow trails in the main event. Watch this space for more news and details about how this will work and subscribe to the Rocky Trail Superflow newsletter to get it straight into your inbox!