Brooks Surf Coast Trail Marathon

Torquay Fairhaven, Victoria, Australia

this ISN'T the toughest, most brutal, longest (insert your hyper-boled adjective here) trail run...nup... but it IS one of the most beautiful coastal trail runs you'll ever enjoy. This is about trail runners picking up the pace and road runners getting their first taste of the dirty stuff (while still always being within kilometres of a good cafe latte).
There's very little technical, no mountains (just a few small, short hillocks), but still some good fun, windy trails and BIG views. Oh, and a little beach action. And a lighthouse. What's a good run without a lighthouse? This is about fun people. And converting all you bitumen bruises to the dirty side without scaring you off. This is going to be fun...
Choose from a full marathon (42km) or a half (21km) along the sensational Surf Coast Walk
Full, half and teams of 2.