Hares & Hounds Trail Run

+61 481 134 054
Woodford, Queensland, Australia

The 2020 season of Trail Running kicks off with Hares and Hounds.

The event is into its 15th year and is based from the Woodford Pool which is much appreciated after running in the summer heat. We keep this event very low key: the only award is the luxury of completing and finishing, a great team building day. Race Promotions is the organiser, checkpoint volunteers provider and random draw sponsor. This is also the first TTROY (TRAQ Trail Runner of the Year) point score event for TRAQ (Trail Running Association of QLD).

The event is held on Sunday, 19th January, 2020 from the Woodford Pool in Peterson Rd and enters the realms of the western section of the Glasshouse Mountains. The distances this year are 52km, 11km and 5km solo runs, 52km relay for 2, 3 or 4 person teams and 11km walk. The Start times enable most competitors to finish by 11.30am.

2020 options are:-

52km Solo - 3.30am

52km Relay - 4.30am

11km Walk - 6.00am

11km & 5km Run- 7.00am