Adventurethon Clarence Valley Stage Race

Once again we are unleashing Adventurethon Demolish in the Clarence Valley region in NSW, 20th & 21st June, 2020.

The 2017 and 2018 events were well received and provided participants and spectators with a truly memorable experience amongst some spectacular scenery. Gorge swims were a real highlight of the run stage in 2018 due to the hot conditions and swims will again feature in 2020, possibly because the weather and water will be somewhat cooler!. We are hoping to announce another major ‘fun’ element into the run this year, stay tuned for news on that. The Clarence River turned on beautiful water for a fast and scenic paddle last year with a few fun rapids to spike adrenalin levels. Rumour has it that some competitors back-tracked to repeat some rapids during the race because it was such good fun! The weekend will conclude with the mountain bike stage on the fast and flowing Bom Bom trails. No big climbs here, just crank up the small slopes and let rip down the other sides for a big dose of sweet single track fun.

As with all Adventurethon events we aim to cater for all skill levels in all the different disciplines, paddling, trail running and mountain biking so there is a discipline, distance, and technical level appropriate to you.

Stage 1: Paddle - Ultra (20km), Enduro (9km), Taste/Junior (2km)

Stage 2: Run - Ultra (18km), Enduro (11km), Taste/Junior (6km)

Stage 3: MTB - Ultra (45km), Enduro (22.5km), Taste/Junior (12km)