Black Diamond Afterglow Night Trail Run

+61 4 303 76621
Torquay, Victoria, Australia

A half marathon. 21km. We reckon it’s the perfect trail run distance. Achievable. Go fast-able. But what would make it better? Start it at twilight and run it into the night on the world famous Surf Coast! But for those of us not quite at this distance the team have added a 13km event and now a 5km event, too, so everyone can get in on glowy action!

Yep, the Afterglow – sister event to the Surf Coast Trail Marathon – will deliver just that. You’ll dive into the coastal trails at Point Addis, catching the day’s final rays before night closes in, before switching on the ‘glow’ – you mandatory headlamp – for that unique experience that is trail running at night, running towards the surf coast capital, Torquay, including touching the sands of Bells Beach. Enjoy the thumping African drums through the middle of the forest, a saxophonist snaking his tunes along the single track, and plenty of synth pop Devo / Lauper / Kids in the Kitchen style being pumped under the fluro vibe by the DJ at the finish arch.