Moon Shadow

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Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, Western Australia, Australia

7km and 12km Night Race! A lovely hill start will let you know you're alive. Let the drugs kick in...endorphins, that is! The first section of trail is wide enough to readily allow passing for the first few k's, then it opens up more along the "top" where you can do a little socialising, or find a bit of speed (only the legal kind - with the legs, kids!). Of course, it might be hard to get speed, considering the sand. But don't despair, it's a short section and then you're onto a very runnable and most groovy descent. Down past the bullrushes, listen out for the frogs, as that's your cue to make a right hand turn! (Frog course marking, you say?!?) Then it's another short, steepish climb on some fun bouldery-rocks as the trail narrows just a wee bit more. Perfect timing, as you hipsters will be spread out by now. Follow the reflective flagging tape, which will guide you down the rabbit hole into Alice's Wonderland. When you pop out at the top, you'll find yourself on an huge open granite plateau, perfect for staging a sit-in. Chill out and be met with amazing views down to the city and towards the ocean. Then pop back down the rabbit hole (there's always another entrance to a rabbit hole, you know!) and descend. Rest a moment on the bench if you wish. If you find you seem a little small for it, it's probably just the wrong mushroom you ate. See if you can get some advice from a caterpillar. Come down from your trip and join us at the finish line for a little Kool-Aid.