The Wildfire Raid

The Wildfire Raid is set to become Queensland’s premier “sprint-length” adventure race. With 3 or 6 hour course options, the Wildfire Raid is the excellent entry point for newcomers looking to dip their toes into adventure racing, whilst still being an excellent opportunity for some furious racing by the more experienced teams. All of the elements of the Raid races that you have come to know and love with multiple stages of the traditional adventure racing disciplines of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking, plus a few mystery disciplines thrown in to keep teams on their toes. Teams must navigate through the course using a map and compass on a route of their own choice with each stage effectively its own small rogaine where competitors may attempt to collect as many or as few checkpoints as they wish, making this event achievable by all levels of athlete. I think you are going to grow to love this race.

Event date is Saturday 20 July, 2019; 6 Hour - 9:30 race start; 3 Hour - 11am Race Start

Other Info
Length: 6 hour or 3 hour Course

Next Date: 20 July 2019

Location: TBC

Team Size: Teams of 2

Categories: Mixed, Male and Female

Disciplines: Trekking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking + Mystery Discipline