TreX Cross Triathlon Series - Port Stephens

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Fingal Bay, Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia

TreX Cross Triathlon Port Stephens is based in beautiful Fingal Bay and Tomaree National Park. The area boasts some of Australia’s most spectacular beaches and scenic, rugged coastlines and provides the perfect backdrop for a weekend of off road action. TreX is coupled with Trail Run Australia Tomaree on Sunday which includes events for all comers so you can spend the entire weekend experiencing this stunning Australian beach front destination.

TreX Cross Triathlon Port Stephens features a sea swim in beautiful Fingal bay followed by a Euro-style mountain bike course in Tomaree national park and a spectacular trail run along scenic coastal paths, where whales and dolphins abound. This course is set to establish itself as a true gem of the TreX Cross Triathlon Series. Couple that with Triathlon, AquaBike and Duathlon options and Standard, Sprint, Junior, Teaser and Dirt Kids courses and there’s something for everyone no matter what your age, fitness level or ability

The Port Stephens Dirt Master & Dirt Mistress Challenge includes a combination of both events across the two days in our Dirt Master, Mini Dirt Master or Junior Dirt Dude Challenge.

TreX Port Stephens Events Include:

Standard: 1000m Swim | 25k MTB | 8k Trail Run

Standard Duathlon: 25k MTB | 8k Trail Run

Standard AquaBike: 100m Swim | 25k MTB

Sprint: 400m Swim | 12.5k MTB | 6k Trail Run

Sprint Duathlon: 12.5k MTB | 6k Trail Run

Sprint AquaBike: 400m Swim | 12.5k MTB

Junior|Teaser: 200m Swim | 6k MTB | 1k Trail Run

Junior Duathlon: 6k MTB | 1k Trail Run

Dirt Kids: 50m Wade | 1.5k MTB | 500m Trail Run