Glasshouse 50 or Cook’s Tour

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Woodford, Queensland, Australia

The Glasshouse 50 or Cook's Tour - based at Woodford is held on the Sunday closest to 17th May. Captain Cook named the mountains on 17th May during his voyage up the east coast of Australia in 1770. The forest is an area NW of Mt Beerwah which has some great hardwood stands and native palm pockets dotted throughout. Terrain is open in some sections with new pine growth regeneration occurring but the route regularly ducks for cover to make this an interesting day / night out with spectacular views of all the mountains at daybreak.

The 50 mile starts at 3.00am with a 12 hour cut off. The standard 50km, 32km and 13km events remain for those not quite ready for 50 miles.

?The course (50 mile) will head out to Woodford via the lesser used trails, crossing the fire trails as opposed to running on them. Running a loop around Beerburrum and returning via the full length of the Powerlines and taking in the two loops at CP8 (Bracalba).

The 54 km will run to CP6 (Woodford - Beerburrum Rd) and, instead of heading to Beerburrum, will head directly to the Powerlines and follow the 50 mile course.

The 32 km run will follow route to CP8 via the Powerlines and return

The 13 km will run a loop from the start to CP7 (the location of which will become apparent) before returning to the finish.

Click on the adjacent maps to view larger copies. Note: all are in draft form at the moment and may be subject to change. We are looking at an option to start from Woodford Pool.