Explore Gippsland Adventure Race

The 2021 Aussie series commences with a new race EXPLORE GIPPSLAND. Hosted by Australia's current top adventure racer Rob Preston, this course has been over a year in the planning and will sure to be a tough navigational challenge that pushes teams across an amazing wilderness course.

The course is determined by control points and consists of kayaking, mountain biking, trekking legs with some additional challenges. Teams of four will navigate their way between checkpoints over an unmarked wilderness course using only a map and compass.

The race is very tough, and it is the ultimate challenge for your body and your mind. No sport demands more concentration, physical effort and teamwork and challenges your mental toughness than adventure racing. But major accomplishments can only start with a decision to try!

To accrue points for the A1 series, teams must compete in the premier 24hr race.

A tough race to start the season, but it will no doubt remove the cobwebs and shape the leader board for what promises to be an exciting year.....

A1 Series - 30hr

The Mountain Designs A1 Adventure Series started in 2017 and has built in size and reputation over the last 3 seasons. Drawing together Australia’s premier Adventure event organisers under the one brand has created a vibrant and exciting future for the sport in Australia. The premier division is the Mixed class with teams of 4.

30hr course is open for…...30hrs. Winning team is expected to finish in 25-27hrs. The course will consist of compulsory and optional checkpoints, and a bonus leg for the lead teams.

A2 Series - 13hr

The A2 is a new development series of Adventure Races across Australia and will become a pathway for athletes to start small and then build up to longer races. With 2020 being the first year, there will be competitions in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Teams will compete in teams of 2.

Sprint- 3-6hrs

A perfect introduction to the sport of Adventure racing with basic navigation, kayaking equipment provided and still visiting amazing locations. Teams of 2 and only a general level of fitness required.

Race Disciplines

Trail Running/Trekking, Mountain Biking, Paddling, Packrafting (30hr Race only). All races involve navigation.

Race Format

All Explore Gippsland events will be Un-supported Format. What does this mean? It means we will do the hard work for you and remove the need to bring a support crew.

Can I still bring my family and friends?

Absolutely. But they won’t need to wash your bikes or load boats onto cars so they will actually enjoy their weekend away.

There are several places where your supporters will be able to watch and cheer you on, and we can suggest some fun tourist activities.