Adventurethon Townsville

TBC near Townsville, Queensland, Australia

In response to popular demand Adventurethon returns to north Queensland in 2021.

Gear up for a full on, three discipline, adventure-style race to test your stamina on the best waters and tracks around north Queensland. Not just an event for the elite athletes, Adventurethon also caters to the whole family from juniors to first time adults and those seeking a bit more of a challenge. Paddle, run and ride courses are designed to provide you with the best experiences of the location and to throw in a little fun and adventure along the way. Course planning is underway to ensure a great experience for all participants.

Adventurethon is a true test of stamina and could be quite daunting for some but don’t run away yet, we have options for all skill levels, even those that have never attempted an adventure course before. Make sensible choices and you’re guaranteed to have fun.

There will be plenty to keep the family from getting bored, even those that are not participating in the races, with plenty of food and drink available, BBQs for a picnic, and entertainment for the kids so why not make a day of it and bring the whole family to cheer the competitors on. This event will both challenge participants and expose them to the best locations around Townsville. We are able to design paddle courses to suit everyone and utilise some of the best mountain bike and trail run tracks in the region. Bike and run through a variety of different terrains to reach some spectacular views. Don’t run? But I bet you know someone that does! So, get them motivated and form a team of two or three, that way you won’t miss out on any of the fun.


Ultra - Paddle 18km, Ride 33km, Run 18km

Enduro - Paddle 10km, Ride 23km, Eun 11km


Taste & Junior - Paddle 1km, Ride 10km, Run 4km