Lake Awoonga Adventure Race
Awoonga Dam Road, Benaraby, Queensland, Australia

We all have our own mountains to climb.
What matters isn't how fast we scale the peak.
But that we push ourselves harder than the day before.
Got an appetite for adventure? Come join us!

Leg 1: 7.4km trail bike ride
Leg 2: 2.8 km trail run
Leg 3: 1.0 km Kayak or 500m swim
Leg 4: 2.8 km trail run
Leg 5: 1.25km bike ride

Novice (Teams of 2)
Leg 1: 1.25 km bike ride
Leg 2: 1.3 km kayak
Leg 3: 2.8 km trail run
Leg 4: 1.25 km bike ride