Spirited Women – All women’s Adventure Race

+64 (0)22 681 1463
Central Hawkes Bay district, North Island, New Zealand

Welcome to the Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race, where women team up, train, and have an absolute blast of an adventure together, side by side all the way.

The Spirited Women – All Women’s Adventure Race is an event where teams of four women choose from a short, medium and long-course adventure. Travelling together in a team, they must navigate around a secret course by foot, mountain bike, and kayak, completing a few surprise mystery activities along the way—where no prior experience is needed! The provision of stable sit-on tandem kayaks are provided for all teams and all levels of fitness and experience are welcome.

The course is kept a secret until the Friday of the race weekend. Once your team receives your map/s, course notes, and briefing instructions, you have the evening to plan and prepare. On race day, your team needs to navigate your way around the course visiting checkpoints in the order specified (sequential or any order) on each leg, changing disciplines and participating in mystery activities along the way.

The seventh edition of the North Island Spirited Women — All Women’s Adventure Race will take place in the Central Hawkes Bay from Friday 25th – Sunday 27th February 2022. We invite you to find your inner spirit, be brave, and together with your girlfriends make up a team to compete in an unforgettable experience.