Wild Goose Chase Running Festival

It’s hard to describe the Wild Goose Chase Running Festival. With race titles such as ‘Loose Goose’ and ‘Duck’s Nuts’, one could be forgiven that it is all a light hearted fun play on words and an easy trail weekend. But let me give you another opinion. You’d need to have a loose screw to tackle the Goose 50 miler multi-day and you’d be nuts to attempt the Duck’s 100 miler multi-day. Sure, our caricature mascots are a little questionable, but maybe this is our way to deceive you from the toughness of this event.

The Wild Goose Chase Running Festival is held in the ‘secret’ Avon Valley National Park. It is one of the lesser utilised parks on Perth’s fringes and yet boasts spectacular gorges and valleys that are found unexpectedly, popping out when you turn a corner. The climbs and troughs are relentless at times and the famous ‘Big G’ climb is certain to have you cursing.

This weekend comfortably has distance offerings for all abilities with events ranging from 5k to 100 miles!!!

Please note all event details are current at the time of posting, however always check the event website for confirmation of all information.