PTS Eagle and Child
Red hill Auditorium, 2 Toodyay Road, Red Hill, Western Australia, Australia

Trail Running in John Forrest National Park! Join us for one of four distances of fun filled trail running.

Whether you're back for another round in the "misty mountains" or brand new to trail running, this event is not to be missed! We get adventurous types who've accomplished plenty of other fitness achievements maybe a half, full or even ultra marathon! Trails are fun and open to everyone.

Make this your next fitness thing. Trails are fun and open to everyone with 4 options to choose from. We colour code our courses, because no matter the distance it's all a challenge! Green(~5km) Blue(~10km) Black (~21km) Double Black (~32km).

Please note all event details are current at the time of posting, however always check the event website for confirmation of event information.