The Summit Survivor

21 Cemetery Rd Trafalgar East Vic 3824, Victoria, Australia

Experience Australia’s Most Fun Mud Run
We’re back!! 2020 was a challenging year for us all that is for sure! Summit Survivor is super pumped to announce that the 2021 event IS ON!! Time to rally up the troops, get your tickets and get ready for an EPIC adventure you won’t wanna miss!
You’ll laugh, scream, grunt, and grimace with 40 Obstacles over 5 km. Your heart will race as you make memories for life with your team, mates, and family on Australia's most fun mud run!

2021 will be the 6th year of this EPIC event. Every year we introduce new and exciting obstacles throughout the course for more challenges and adventure.

The Summit Survivor is about fun and adventure, and working together with your mates, or going solo and challenging yourself.

The Summit Survivor isn’t a timed event, you can SMASH IT or take your time, the pace is totally up to you, and you can skip any you think are beyond you. For those who really love the challenge, you can purchase extra laps and run multiple times in one day.

The Summit Survivor’s 40 EPIC obstacles include:
The thrilling DROP SLIDE
A core-strength, challenging BARB WIRE CRAWL
The heart-racing LEAP OF FAITH
A stamina-tough GIANT CARGO NET (spanning a lake!)
The popular and fun WATER SLIDE, and much more!

Under 12’s take-on ‘Kids Survivor’ 1.3km course. Teens and over 10’s can squad with adults.

In 2021, a percentage of every Summit Survivor adult and youth ticket will be donated to Cambodian Kids Foundation. This Australian charity nurtures and supports underprivileged children and families living in Cambodia.

The Summit Survivor is located at a multi-award-winning venue in Gippsland, 90 mins from Melbourne.

Build your team and fitness regime! REGISTER NOW!

Be part of something EPIC! Don’t miss out!

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