Rocky Trail Run | Jetblack Wild Wombat Mogo NSW

Deep Creek Dam Road, Mogo NSW, New South Wales, Australia

Run the Deep Creek Dam loop 1x, 2x or 3x between 8am and 2pm! There are no start orders and we will set up the timing points so you can refuel (and even have a rest if you wish) in between laps.

You can choose between the following different challenges:
1. Rocky Trail Run Single | 1 lap of the Dam Loop | 7km
2. Rocky Trail Run Double | 2 laps of the Dam Loop | 14km
3. Rocky Trail Run Triple | 3 laps of the Dam Loop | 21km

This Sunday Trail Running Race is organised by Rocky Trail Entertainment who will be hosting it as a part of the Jetblack Wild Wombat Weekend on Mogo's Deep Creek Dam Loop. The Saturday will see the Shimano MTB GP 4 and 6 hour solo and relay pairs event.

If you haven't raced your bike or run with Rocky Trail and you are about to have you’re first #rockytrailracer experience… it won’t be your last, we’re sure!

From the first time between the tape to people that have spent a lifetime training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at our start line!