Fox Superflow sealed by Stan's | Race 5 Awaba NSW

UPDATE: Race postponed to 22+23 January 2022 due to weather

Freedom, riding, being outside, friends, community, heavy breathing leading to epic descents. It’s what we do and it’s what the Fox Superflow® is all about! Let’s bang into some berms and do turnbars off jumps. Life is for living!

Fox Superflow® is racing the way you ride. Ride up at your own pace. Drop in with your buddies on each other's tyre or leave a space to pin. It’s about doing party trains, railing berms and SENDING IT! Be a Rocky Trail racer and turn up the volume in your mountain bike life at the Fox Superflow!

This is the NSW/ACT Series Finale, our take on gravity enduro racing!

  • No tight schedule: Select Sat or Sun as your race day and then you can pick the order in which to tackle the race stages, which makes this event social and action-packed at the same time!
  • You can do up to five runs on each stage, the fastest one counts and there are no start orders, which means whatever category you’re in, you can ride together and still lock your own best race run in!

Please check the event website for all the details in regards to our Covid-19 Safety Plan.
All race photos are included in your entry and elite and amateur racers of different ages and riding preferences will have a blast - adults and juniors alike! Our young shredders love it, because they not only can smash their mates but also mum and dad out on track!

Get ready for an absolute adrenaline rush as you smash down our Superflow race tracks to hunt down those precious seconds for the win!