The GOAT Bright 2022

8698 2050
Bright, Victoria, Australia

Anyone who’s ridden in Victoria’s High Country knows just how good it is, and those who haven’t will most likely have it near the top of their MTB bucket list. The region boasts trails as old as mountain biking itself, and has been begging for a stage race worthy of its vast network of singletrack and fire-roads. Well, the wait is over: the GOAT is delivering a 4-day stage race to the high country for all ages and types of riders.

The XC Goat category will attract endurance riders of all levels of experience to conquer the four stages, each with their own characteristics and flavour. This is your classic point-to-point XC format, with both individual stage and overall winners. But the GOAT does not discriminate, and it aims to provide the same epic experience to the gravity lords amongst us. The Gravity GOAT category will traverse the same course, but with timed descents and untimed liaisons. And to cater to our ever-growing MTB family, we’ve also added the E-GOAT (E-bikers) and Billy GOAT (kids) categories.

Of course, what’s a stage race without celebratory beverages and rejuvenating meals? Local brewers and food vans will be on hand each day to accommodate post-race banter and bragging sessions. So while you’re neck deep in lactic acid each morning, just remember the festival waiting at the finish line!