Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 100

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Ipswich Grammar School, Queensland, Australia

Starting at the Yarraman Heritage Centre, Yarraman, the 100 mile event travels the entire BVRT to Brassall and finishes at the Ipswich Grammar School Playing Fields (IGS). It picks up the start of the 50 mile at Toogoolawah and then the marathon at Coominya.

The 200 mile event starts at the IGS a day earlier and heads out to Yarraman. Upon reaching the Heritage Centre they turn and head back with the 100 mile participants.

In its two years of running, the BVRT100s? has borne witness to some amazing achievements. From Cam Munro's win in 2018 to Kris Ryan's 'just under the wire' finish in the 200 mile event of 2019. It's truly the place to run long and fast ... but are you up to the challenge? In any event, the best seat in the house is to be part of the event in any capacity as I'm sure that in years to come, there will be some memorable performances on display.

The course has a very modest 1,300 metres ascent on the Brassall to Yarraman leg but it's not to be underestimated (as has happened in 2018 and 2019). The course is non-technical by most standards but is very hard underfoot. It's inviting trail to run on and as such its pace is relentless. Runners in the longer distances need to run within themselves early on to ensure they have the goods to get through the later stages as the weather cools. Potentially the fastest 100 mile course in Australia, it's not to be taken lightly … there's no such thing as an easy miler!

Race Options:

200 Mile June 17th

100 Mile June 18th

50 Mile June 18th

Marathon June 19th

½ Marathon June 19th