The Clint Eastwood Loser

+61 407 836 775
Oxley Creek Common, Queensland, Australia

Imagine being in an event whereby every hour, on the hour, the playing field was levelled and every participant was, by default, tied for the lead with the slate wiped clean. No matter your pace, your strength, ability or mental agility, each and every one of these facets would be given chance to come to the fore and be taken advantage of. Every participant, if they stick at it long enough, would possibly realise the opportunity to apply their strengths at a premium.

Run entirely on smooth minimal elevation mostly along Oxley Creek

1 lap per hour

6.706 km/lap with 69 metres of ascent/descent each lap

Be ready to start your next lap on the hour (at the ring of the bell) to continue … inches matter! (see rule 4, it’s as much about management as it is athletic ability)

Last one standing has to complete another hour on their own to win or they’re also a DNF

All 'non-winners' get a DNF medal and memento to commemorate their failure

Please note all event details are current at time of posting, however always check event website for confirmation of event information.