Janssen Bondi to Manly Ultra
Sydney, Australia, New South Wales, Australia

The Janssen Bondi to Manly Ultra is an 80km run that traverses the coastline between Sydney's two most famous beaches. With a backdrop of the ocean the entire way, it's a route like no other. Pass 49 beaches, clamber over cliff tops, run through national parks, circle the Opera House and cross the Harbour Bridge in Australia's breathtaking capital. It's an event that showcases the city's quintessential uniqueness – it's a bustling metropolis surrounded by and immersed in nature.

The race offers two options: ultra and relay. Ultra runners will tackle the entire 80kms solo while relay participants will be in teams of four.

It is a not-for-profit event with all proceeds being reinvested into the preservation and enhancement of the public land and natural environment around Sydney Harbour.

Join in 2022 for its debut year, and be the first to run it.