Run Larapinta Stage Race

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Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Race Dates: 16 – 19 August 2024 (10th Edition)
Welcome to Run Larapinta – an extraordinary trail running experience through the very heart of Australia.

This is a race through a landscape that transcends time, where the tectonic lines of the MacDonnell Ranges stand solid and strong as the Larapinta Trail weaves its route like a magic serpent in the dust. It’s a landscape of boundless beauty that leaves you in awe at every step.

But more impressive than the country we get to experience, it’s the people that make this race really special. Coming from all corners of the nation, of all speeds and specialties – everyone becomes equal out here as we share an experience you’ll never forget. Ever..

The Races
The Run Larapinta Stage Race includes stages of two different lengths so runners can select the set of stages that matches their running ability and objectives. Whilst Run Larapinta is primarily designed for runners to complete all 4 stages of a given event, runners may also enter individual stages.

The Malbunka
These stages are longer and pass through slightly more demanding terrain. Best suited to more experienced runners looking for a larger challenge. Entry requirements apply.

Stage 1: 20km around Alice Springs from the Old Telegraph Station to The Mercure.
Stage 2: 41km from Simpson’s gap to Standley Chasm.
Stage 3: 33km from Birthday Waterhole turn off to Standley Chasm.
Stage 4: 34km from Ochre Pits to Ellery Creek Water Hole.

The Namatjira
These stages are shorter and more accessible for runners of all fitness levels and whilst still passing through some remote and spectacular terrain, they are a little easier than the Malbunka Stages.

Stage 1: 12km around Alice Springs from the Old Telegraph Station to The Mercure.
Stage 2: 20km from Standley Chasm to High Route loop.
Stage 3: 22km Birthday Waterhole to Standley Chasm
Stage 4: 27km from Counts Point turn off to Ellery Creek Water Hole.