Shimano 100 Mountain Bike Marathon | Stromlo ACT

Stromlo Forest Park, Opperman Avenue, Wright, ACT, Australia

Introducing the new SHIMANO 100 MARATHON! A new name for the Rocky Trail race with a whole lot of history!

Join us for the 15th ANNIVERSARY of this iconic Rocky Trail event!

The Shimano 100 Marathon has its home at UC Stromlo Forest Park – conquer the mighty trails of UC Stromlo Park and dive into the thrill of riding the giant circuit that is almost 30km long. On the race course that's packed with UC Stromlo’s signature single trails and you can pick your distance.

Since 2010, mountain bikers from all over Australia have been chasing their racing goals with Rocky Trail at this event. Whatever the level of ambition, a suitable distance is offered for every competitor. Do one cheeky lap, two to catch the racing bug or three for a classic marathon… early start and sunrise lap for the 100-miler anyone?

Whether you’re a local seeking to conquer familiar trails or a rider from afar, the Shimano 100 Marathon is your unique annual chance to embrace the challenge of our ‘giant monster circuit’ in Canberra. Make it a weekend in the Capital in Spring, get ready to push your limits and leave your mark on the trails that define Australian mountain biking.