XTERRA Takes on the Tsaigu Trail

XTERRA Takes on the Tsaigu Trail Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 04/29/2019 - 15:31 In the build-up to the highly anticipated debut of XTERRA Kunming in southwest China, representatives and athletes from XTERRA took part in the Ultimate Tsaigu trail event in the Kuocang Mountain of Linhai City in the Zhejiang Province.

The fifth edition of the famous Tsaigu trail races offered 50, 80, and 110-kilometer trail runs featuring thousands upon thousands of meters in climbing through mystic mountains and along the Great Wall on April 20-21, 2019 and more than 3,000 runners from 29 countries took part.

“Our partnership with the Ultimate Tsaigu Trail event was a great success,” said XTERRA Kunming organizer David Fang.  “Social media was buzzing with excitement about the events and the organizers did a really fantastic job.  They had an awesome set up, a nice expo area, beautiful pictures and videos, and a well-produced live-stream that attracted many fans to watch and discuss all the action.”

XTERRA was also on-site to connect with Tsaigu participants and showcase the inaugural XTERRA Kunming off-road triathlons and trail races to be held in Yunnan Province on September 21-22.

“It was a great opportunity for us to present XTERRA Kunming to this big crowd and show them what the XTERRA brand and culture is all about,” said Fang, who awarded several lucky winners’ free entries and provided a special gift of appreciation to all attendees.

“As outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, this audience was very receptive to the Live More lifestyle and excited to have more opportunities with XTERRA to discover China’s incredible natural resources through high-quality endurance events.”

Many of the top performers at the Tsaigu Trail events expressed interest in competing at XTERRA Kunming, including the 50K winners Jiasheng Shen, who lives in Kunming, and Miao Yao, who is also the UTMB Champion.  Yihan Liu, who won the women’s 30K race last year, has already confirmed to take on the inaugural Kunming off-road triathlon this September.

“It’s a very exciting time for endurance sports in China,” said Fang.  “It was wonderful to see such great energy at Tsaigu and we can’t wait to give these athletes another opportunity for adventure and challenge in Kunming this September.”

Here’s a look at the champions from last weekend’s races:

Tsaigu110 Male
1st: CANHUA LUO 14:39:16
2nd: PEIQUAN YOU 14:39:18
3rd: JIAJU ZHAO 14:48:01

Tsaigu110 Female
1st: LIPING ZHENG20:26:48
2nd: SHANGWEI QU 20:51:41
3rd: WENFEI XIE 21:35:13

Tsaigu80 Male
1st: HAYDEN HAWKS (USA) 09:40:55
2nd: GUOMIN DENG 10:01:40
3rd: JIAO ZHANG 10:56:45

Tsaigu80 Female
3rd: RONGQIN TAN 15:08:19

Tsaigu50 Male
1st: JIASHENG SHEN 04:25:32
2nd: TAO LUO 04:27:58
3rd: SHAOHUA HOU 05:04:48

Tsaigu50 Female
1st: MIAO YAO 05:09:12
2nd: FUZHAO XIANG 05:27:10
3rd: NA ZHANG 06:05:59

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