Get Ready For The Convict

There’s 9 weeks to go until we head back to St Albans for a weekend of mountain biking madness at the Convict 100 and preparation is your secret weapon.

The Convict 100 features long climbs that test your mettle, ungroomed single track that demands finesse, and steep descents thatll leave your heart racing. If this is your first year taking on the Convict we’ve gathered a few tips to help you prepare:

  1. Scope out the lay of the land. Check out the maps, course descriptions and elevation profile on the website. Event Info
  2.  Pedal smarter, not harder. Consider signing up for a training plan with Justin Morris from Mind Matters Athlete Coaching. Justin has ridden the Convict many times and is sure to help you get in the best condition for race day. Training Plan
  3.  Plan a training ride. Don’t forget to check the private property areas and avoid these on training rides. Get in touch with us if you need help planning. Training On Course
  4.  Gear Check. Plan you gear. Plan your nutrition. Check out what we’ll have on course here Aid Stations
  5. Study up. Read everything you can find online. Mike Blewitt (marathonMTB) has written some great articles on how to prepare for the convict – you can read them here: Convict Tips and here: Protips – Convict 100
  6. The helmet cam insight. Check out some of the great participant videos on YouTube to get a real feel for the trails. While the course may have changed slightly many of the same trails are used. Participant videos will give you a better idea than any words we can write. Here are a couple we like:44 KM68 KM100 KM
  7.  Ride, ride, & ride some more. When it comes to mastering the Convict 100, saddle time is your greatest ally.

Sign up now and get ready to carve your name into Convict lore!

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