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Highlights from the Australian Cross Triathlon Champs and Snowy Mountains Multisport Festival, held at Lake Crackenback Resort, 2014. Visit for more information.
The type of magnesium you choose is important, as some forms can cause gastric discomfort or diarrhoea (the last thing you want during your training or race!). MetaMag® is a patented form of magnesium, found in the Endura sports range, which assists cellular energy production, as well as boosting muscle recovery and supporting healthy muscle function. The magnesium contained in MetaMag™ is bound to an amino acid and is absorbed quickly and effectively, without causing any digestive discomfort.
Isotonic vs. Hypertonic explores the difference between these two dosing strategies and clarifies how to prepare your Endura Rehydration formula to best suit your requirements.
Our Wild Racers television series welcomed teams from the far reaches of the planet in a 24 part HD series and one of the most exhilarating adventure projects ever undertaken. Enjoy there moments as we look towards 2013 when we re-ignite the adventure flame and move once more into the unknown.
The XTERRA World Championship, held on October 27 on the island of Maui, is the culmination of the XTERRA World Tour - a total of over 20 different international races. To qualify for Maui, athletes compete "off-road" in the ultimate test against Mother Nature.