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Larapinta Trail Run

Type: Trail Running
Location: Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
Date: 23 Jul 2017 - 1 Aug 2017
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The Larapinta Trail Run is a long distance run traversing the length of the 233 km Western MacDonnell Range in Central Australia (but excluding the 45 km section from Hugh Gorge to Serpentine Gorge car park which is poorly rated for running/scenery).

Our journey covers approximately 200 km of trails through timeless country going back over 800 million years and presents a unique opportunity to experience true wilderness jogging/running and walking. It is a spectacular but physically demanding run that offers unique challenges to the trail runner: water management, temperature management, ability to back up over multiple days, group v individual running etc. It is NOT a race rather a group running holiday.

The Larapinta Trail Run is based on easy group running with plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos. Runners need to maintain contact with the group as navigation can be difficult, especially in the gorges and creek beds and the potential for accidents is high on some of the more rocky sections and steep descents as a result we will run at the pace of the slowest member of the group. A number of “free” running days have been designated towards the later sections of the run where both navigation and terrain are easier, but still challenging and fun.

The group will be between 6 – 9 runners, accompanied by a guide and will be met at trail heads by the support vehicle each night.

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