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Wallumania Monster Run

Type: Trail Running
Location: Herberton Range Rd, Queensland, Australia
Date: 10 Sep 2017
Forecast for Atherton

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On top of claiming truly wild status, the Wallumania Monster Run may just be the only run in Australia to run it’s entire course over 1000m above sea level!
Come, get high and run where the wild things are!!

Just as exciting as the cool, clean highland mountain air in the wild and diverse Herberton Range backcountry (expect Highland Cloud Forest dripping with moss and epiphytes, Towering Rose Gum (Eucalyptus grandis) Patches, Casuarina Forest, Dense ‘Jungly’ Rainforest, Open Eucalypt Woodland etc) is the sweet flowing combination of Single Trail and little used 4WD and Dirt Bike Tracks that make up the Wallumania Monster Run Course.

Come, get high and run dirty good trail where the wild things are!!!

Why Monster? Well there’s not too much wilder than a monster, plus there’s a few ‘monster’ hills to battle, some monstered quads / calves / lungs to enjoy and of course a monstrously good time to be had.

How Far?

There’s the Long Course (or Wallumaxia) at 28km and around 1000m elevation change,

Or the Medium Course (Wallumedia) at 15km,

And the Little Monster or Short Course (Walluminia)at 1.5km.

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