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Running Wild S7 Short #3: Narrowneck Night Run

Type: Trail Running
Location: Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Date: 17 Nov 2018

Narrowneck Night Run – Race 3 Short Course Series - 20km, 14km

The Narrowneck Run is both splendidly scenic and refreshingly straightforward. From the main gate runners follow the only fire trail right out to its terminus at Clear Hill, then return. There are no significant junctions or deviations.

There are no biting hills on Narrowneck as there were at, say, Mt Portal or Woodford Dam, but the track does roll with plenty of sharp ups and downs and on the return leg the gradual ascent from Clear Hill to the fire tower does take nearly three kilometres.

The full option is an even 20 kilometres, a shorter option involves turning at the fire tower which makes a 14 kilometre run.

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